Adir R.Y Trade Ltd, 5 Shidlovsky
St. P.O.Box 13114 Yavne 81221, Israel
T. +972(0)8-6638300 | F. +972(0)08-6638310

Company Profile:

Adir (Hebrew for "awesome") is the leading Israeli company in development, import and distribution of unique international drink and nutrition brands. The company offers a wide portfolio of products, and enables Israeli consumers to enjoy a broad spectrum of delicious health related and energy drinks, with an emphasis on new and exciting flavors from the world's most exotic places.

What makes us awesome:

Adir constitutes a high quality platform for unique, healthy and delicious products. We are constantly scouting for the new generation of products that appeal to one's sense of curiosity, flavor and imagination, and we do everything in our power to bring these unique products here, to our tiny, thirsty and beloved Israel!

The "Adirian" Philosophy:

Here at Adir we believe that life is one big adventure. We run an agile company whose core values are entrepreneurship, innovation and delight, and we do so with plenty of attention to the small details and with a constant smile on our faces. Everything here is about the experience - yours and ours too! We always strive to re-invent and to form strong relationships with our clients. Our mission is to constantly surprise, amaze and thrill our customers - and we showcase our strong commitment to this mission each and every day!

Israel is Adir:

Our Israeli audience is a thirsty, curious, and adventurous one. It is an audience that travels a lot and dreams big. That is exactly why we go to the moon and back, looking to satisfy this ever-demanding audience again and again.

We know that as Israelis, you too must have traveled to remote islands and resorts where few have ever been, and experienced different and unique flavors that few were ever exposed to. So if you found that unique flavor that you truly admire, and really feel like sharing your experience with your curious Israeli friends - don't hesitate to ping us! Whether it comes from Zimbabwe, Mali, Bali or anywhere else on the face of the globe - we will do everything we can to bring it all the way here!